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Rise, Crush & SUP with Jen Sidun

Conquer the Waves with Jen Sidun!

Quick Details

Cool-down Paddleboard (Optional no up charge)

Unleash Your Inner Athlete with Jen Sidun

Rise, Crush & SUP offers a large variety of all your favorite fitness activities that strengthens the core and tones every muscle. This workout is a great way to build muscle and improve your cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

This class works with weights, kettlebells, fast and slow movements along with challenging circuit training and runs!

A paddleboard cooldown is included at the end of each session which gets your heart rate to optimal levels and gets you ready for the weekend!

Come out and enjoy the serenity of the water while doing your body good. OPC provides everything you need to participate in the class (board included).

Attire: Workout clothes are fine if your paddleboarding after the class or you can wear your bathing or bring one and change in the shed!

Rise, Crush & SUP: 1 hour with optional 20 minute guided paddle cool down
Typical Class:
– check in
– guided cool down paddle (OPTIONAL)

Please bring: yoga mat,Towel, bathing suit and/or workout clothes, extra sunblock, and extra water.
You are welcome to bring a change of clothes and use OPC’s amenities after the class. We do have an outdoor shower that feels wonderful after workouts and paddles and we welcome you to use it and hang out afterwards to experience all the “Good Vibes” that OPC has to offer!

OPC Morning Blast starts at 9AM sharp and runs for 60 minutes with an optional paddle cold down afterwards.