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Tide Ride to the Bay

Experience the Thrill, Tide Ride to the Bay!

Quick Details


Coastal Beauty and Adventure

Take your paddle to the NEXT level with this guided tour to Sandy Hook Bay!
OPC Tide Ride to the Bay is a fast moving paddleboard current ride that maximizes the fastest ebb tide flow. It’s a one way paddle with transportation back to opc provided via automobile. At times close to 8 minute miles are achievable with little effort.
The destination is The Proving Grounds in Highlands. The total distance is approximately 7.4 miles. The paddle takes approximately 2 hours. You are welcome to get a ride back with your guide to OPC via automobile (included) or, as some customers prefer, have your own transportation arranged at the destination (it’s not a bad place for dinner and/or cocktails).
The boards used for this paddle are 12.5’ touring boards with displacement hulls.

Enhanced Performance Paddleboards for Experienced Riders

They are faster and more efficient than our standard rental boards. They are not as stable, from side to side, as our standard rental board. This paddle is only for experienced paddlers who are comfortable balancing on paddleboards and who can paddle for an extended period of time.

There are no land breaks during the journey but sitting and/or kneeling during the paddle is fine being that the current will always be with you during the journey.
Your guide/instructor (Chris, Jim or Mark) for this paddle is an expert at this course and has done it many times. They will teach you how to navigate these waterways safely while you enjoy the scenic Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers and maximize your velocity as you utilize the “downhill” currents.

Please bring: Towel, bathing suit, extra sunblock, and extra water.
It is highly recommended that you bring hydration. The boards have bungees on them for securing bottles and/or hydro flasks etc…
*24 hours must be given for cancellation.